Missions and Evangelism Team

Community Missions - students get together and make a difference by volunteering and showing Christ in the community at local parks, neighborhoods, the Good Samaritan Ministries, and tutoring kids in need.

Nursing Home Ministry- Students volunteer their time and love to residents of local nursing homes in Brownwood twice a week who are in need of great care.

State School Ministry - female students spend an hour a week mentoring girls at the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex Unit II, located in Brownwood, only a few miles from campus.

Fundraising for students to go to the nations!

Opportunities to go and serve through Go Now Missions (why not have yet another link to www.gonowmissions.com?)


Discipleship and Prayer Team

Bible Studies - just what it sounds like! Students getting together to study the Bible.

Freshman Council - We are helping grow and develop these first year freshman through bible study and teaching of leadership skills.  A bible study focused on growing and developing leaders for God's' Kingdom.

Athlete Discipleship- A bible study and discipleship group specifically for our athletes.  To keep their teammates accountable and grow in their relationship with Christ together

Prayer groups- A weekly meeting to pray over personal and national requests.  Students meet together to pray over their peers and the world around them and are challenged to do something about it.


Worship and Church Life Team

Student-led Worship a student-led service on Thursday night at 9pm every week. The idea here is that students simply gather to worship and share what God is doing in their lives.

Penny University- A great time of discussion anf conversation over difficult topics with fellow students.  Meetings once a month with one of your favorite professors giving insite and challenge to take a step in faith in the particular topic. 

Disciple Now's/5th Quarter Parties students interested in ministering to youth go out to churches all around the state and lead Friday night and weekend events.  Complete one of these forms to have someone contact you or your church about HPU students leading a Disciple now of 5th Quarter.

Disciple Now request link

Fifth Quarter request link

Howard Payne BSM

The Baptist Student Ministry is led by students to help students fulfill the call of Jesus Christ to become His disciples, while on a university campus.

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