Howard Payne University Intramurals

What is HPU Intramurals?
 HPU Intramurals are recreational team and individual competitions designed to build friendships, health and wellness, and Christian bonds for students, faculty, and staff of Howard Payne University. They are a great way to make new friends, and get to know some of your professors outside of class.

Who plays Intramurals?
Teams consist of men and women students, staff, and faculty who love to compete and recreate. Teams may consist of men or women from a residence hall, club, department, friendship group, or other combinations. There are some requirements to play, but for the most part, full time students in good standing with the University are encouraged to play one, two, or all sports offered.

What sports are offered in Intramurals?
HPU offers men and women team competition in flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Individual competition is offered in ping-pong and tennis.

How do I get involved in Intramurals?
Students interested in participating in Intramurals are encouraged to watch for Team Roster due dates and schedules on the Blackboard class system. You can seek out teams that already exist on campus and play with them or seek out your new friends at HPU and start your own team.

If I want to start a team, what would I need to do to get started?
Most teams consist of 10 to 15 players with 1 or 2 coaches. If you are starting a new team, here are some possible ways to find players.
    1. Ask girls/guys in your residence hall if they would like to play on your team. Have them fill out the information on the roster sheet.
    2. Post a note on the University center bulletin board with your room phone number on it asking for interested players. If you get too many names for one roster, start two teams.
  3. Make friends with students in your classes. Some of them may already be on a team, and they may be looking for team members.
   4. Contact the Intramural Director (Isaac Hawkins at ext. 7418) and tell him you are interested in playing, but do not have a team. He will help you find a team.

How do I learn more about HPU Intramurals?
All needed information concerning HPU Intramurals is posted on the Intramural class in the HPU Blackboard system. Request to be added to the class. All students are encouraged to surf the class and be educated on the policies for Intramural play.

When do Intramural Activities begin?
Intramural flag football begins approximately 2 weeks after classes begin. Volleyball is held later in the fall semester, while basketball begins shortly after the spring semester is underway. The spring semester concludes with softball.

If I love sports, but do not want to play, can I be involved in Intramurals?
HPU students serve as the officials for Intramural sports. Students wanting to get involved in officiating should contact the Intramural student managers for details. It is strongly encouraged for students interested in officiating to enroll in the ESS 2362 Officiating Fall Sports class. Techniques, rules, and procedures for officiating fall sports learned in this class will be beneficial. Other opportunities to officiate in the local community may be available through this class as well.

If you have more questions concerning Intramurals at HPU, feel free to e-mail Estevan Arbaiza  (, or call him in his office (325-649-8106).